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Our Services

Private Wealth Management

Our services

Protect and Grow

Mackay Private manages the holistic advice needs of financially independent families and individuals, through our Wealth Management and Family Office services. We work exclusively with a small number of clients to deliver an industry-leading service.

We believe strong relationships with clients and their trusted network is paramount to a successful advice relationship. Our advisory offering is underpinned by service and accountability, providing clients with confidence in their financial future.

> Investment portfolio management, listed and unlisted

> Strategic advice and structuring

> Retirement and transition planning

> Superannuation and pension, including Self Managed Super Funds

> Philanthropy and next generation engagement

> Income and wealth protection

> Family CFO

Wealth Management

Understanding your financial objectives, we deliver solutions to protect and grow your wealth. Our global perspective on direct and managed investments, ensures portfolios are efficiently constructed.

Family Office & Advisory

A tailored service for family groups, in collaboration with all stakeholders. Our business assures a personalised approach to funds management.

Platforms & Technology

Access to market leading technology. From real-time portfolio access and portfolio insights via our Private Portfolio Tool (PPT), to better understand how you are invested.

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Our Services

Private Portfolio Tool

Market leaders in private portfolio management technology, we make managing your wealth hassle free. Start the conversation about efficient portfolio construction. Ask about our Private Portfolio Tool (PPT), to better understand how you need to be invested.