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Wealth Management

Understanding your financial objectives, we deliver solutions to protect and grow your wealth. Our global perspective on direct and managed investments, ensures portfolios are efficiently constructed.

Family Office & Advisory

A tailored service for family groups, in collaboration with all stakeholders. Our business assures a personalised approach to funds management.

Platforms & Technology

Access to market leading technology. From real-time portfolio access and portfolio insights via our Private Portfolio Tool (PPT), to better understand how you are invested.

Client first

The Independent Advisory Board

Mackay Private has an industry leading approach to financial advice.

The House View is governed by an Advisory Board of independent specialists, providing unique insights and opportunities for clients.

The Advisory Board is responsible for the House View, which is a core foundation to our wealth management and advisory offering, providing positive outcomes for clients through proactive management of their wealth. This corporate governance structure is a key pillar in building trust and confidence.

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Our Team

Trusted Experts

Principal advisers, Sam and Will Mackay, have over 20 years’ industry experience between them. Together they lead a team of professionals who are passionate about the growth and protection of their clients’ wealth. In a recent 2021 Annual Client Survey of almost 80% of Mackay Private’s client base, they scored 9.5 out of 10 in client satisfaction. Sam and Will are dedicated to providing a high-quality service whilst delivering industry-leading financial advice.